Money Saving Tips For Backpacking in Europe

Backpacking in Europe is an excellent way to take a holiday without it costing an arm and a leg. Backpacking is also a superb way of getting to see the many sights and different areas of the country as you are not stuck with a package holiday on one place. Here are some money tips for backpacking in Europe.

You can save money on lunch if you have a breakfast late and then choose to have dinner early.

You might want to look for hostels that provide breakfast in with the cost of the room.

Instead of eating out you might want to cook your own meals if you have facilities in the hostel.

Keep the alcohol down by having one drink less than you normally would every night. You will be surprised at much you can save.

Wherever possible walk instead of taking transport.

If you have to take a taxi then you should barter with the driver before you get in.

Make sure you stay well outside of what are typically known as tourist zones. Prices can be boosted up for tourists and it may be surprising how much you are able to save if you purchase food and drink away from the places servicing tourists on holiday.

Check out for any saving there are to be made on activities or nights out. Often people hand out vouchers or leaflets on the streets which entitle you to so much off or a free drink.

Make sure you know what the exchange rate is so that you know exactly how much things cost you.

Learn some of the language of the country you are going to when backpacking. You can then haggle over the costs of things.

Do research when considering taking a backpacking holiday. This way you can plan out where you want to visit and stay during your backpacking holiday.

When backpacking in Europe you should have insurance. Check around in the UK for the best deal and make sure you have adequate backpacking insurance for your holiday.

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Backpacking in Croatia

One of the many wonderful parts of Europe is Croatia and this is also one of the many chosen places for backpacking in Europe. Backpacking in Croatia is wonderful despite it being a place that is known for holidays taken by the rich and famous. If you are looking for a backpacking holiday with a difference then Croatia may be just the spot.

Croatia is home to some of the most stunning beaches which is one reason why backpacking in Croatia is very popular. There are numerous secluded and hidden coves surrounded by some of the most stunning mountains. The towns in Croatia are quaint and have marbled streets and it is affordable for all budgets, especially when you choose a backpacking holiday in Croatia.

The water is crystal clear and warm which is one of the many reasons it is so popular for backpacking holidays among youngsters. Along with plenty of scenic offerings, Croatia is also well known for its partying and nightlife which of course is very popular among those taking a backpacking holiday. Backpacking in Croatia may not have been first on your list when considering a backpacking holiday but you will not be disappointed if you go ahead and visit.

Backpacking in Austria

There are numerous exciting places for backpacking in Europe. Europe has plenty of history and there are many wonderful enchanting cities scattered throughout Europe. You could soak up the romantic atmosphere of Paris, check out shopping in Milan or just soak up the charm of Prague. Here are some of the top exciting choices for backpacking holidays in Europe.

Backpacking in Austria is very popular and Vienna is a popular option thanks to its location within Europe. The city is overflowing with architecture and this makes visiting Austria backpacking well worth considering. Austria and Vienna in particular is well known for music and opera, after all this is where the Vienna waltz originated.

There is a great transport system in Vienna which makes backpacking in Austria is easy as there are plenty of affordable ways to get around the city. It is also home to some of the very best cuisine in the world with something to suit all pockets and tastes. The local cuisine is excellent and the city is full of schnitzels among many other delights. One of the age old traditions of Vienna is sitting in an outdoor café sipping coffee with a glass of water. Vienna is one of the unusual places when it comes to countries for backpacking holidays but it will be an experience that you will never forget.
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Essentials For Backpacking In Europe

Backpacking in Europe is a very cheap way of taking a holiday and getting out and about enjoying the sights. Here are some essentials to consider before you set out on your backpacking holiday.

·         Take a small address book if you are going backpacking for any length of time. The smaller the better as the less room it will take up in your backpack. You can use the address book to keep in contact with your friends and family back home along with jotting down telephone numbers of those friends you make along with way.
·         Choose your backpack carefully – don’t forget that you are going to be relying on your backpack for the duration of your backpacking holiday. Therefore choose a strong sturdy one that feels comfortable and you may wish to choose one that has a zip that goes all the way round the backpack which makes things easier to get to when out and about.
·         Purchase a good money belt for keeping all your valuables in during your backpacking holiday. You can also keep your passport in there.
·         Buy a good quality combination lock for your backpack for times when you leave it unattended. A combination lock means that you do not have to worry about losing a key.
·         A light weight kagool can come into its own if you are backpacking in Europe. A light one will ensure that it stows away easy and you will not overheat while walking.
·         A swiss army knife can come in very handy when backpacking on holiday. They typically have scissors, knife, screwdriver and many other useful tools.
·         Ziplock plastic bags can come in very handy for storing things. You could even keep your toothbrush in one of these.
·         Buy a collapsible cup to store in your backpack without taking up any room. When you want to drink from it, just shake it open and use.

The above are just a few of the many essentials that you should take into account when planning a backpacking holiday.

Backpacking In Europe – A Superb Holiday Choice

Backpacking Holidays Are Cost Effective Ways To Travel Europe

Have you considered backpacking in Europe? Backpacking is an excellent choice for a holiday and it is a relatively cheap method of taking a holiday too. There are numerous places to visit when you go backpacking in Europe. For instance you could choose to holiday in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Switzerland. The world is your oyster when you choose to take a backpacking holiday.

What Exactly Is Backpacking?

When one thinks of backpacking teenagers immediately come to mind. While backpacking is popular with the younger generation, due to the holiday being low cost, anyone can enjoy backpacking in Europe. Backpacking is generally termed to denote a low cost form of travel. You throw items into a backpack, as opposed to a suitcase, and travel light, typically staying in hostels or camping. One of the most famous backpacking holidays featured in a film was “The Beach” where teenagers travelled around Thailand in search of the famed pure white sand beach.

Backpacking has grown a great deal since 2000 thanks to low cost flights and trains along with budget accommodation and now backpacking in Europe attracts thousands of individuals each year. Whether you wish to tour around Europe for just a couple of weeks or spread out the trip over many months, backpacking is one of the most cost effective holidays.